Hello! My name is Gabriella and I'm a native of the fascinating Isle of Capri, where I’ve growth up.

When I was child my first trip was in Rome, and I was absolutely captivated by it! For this reason, 13 years ago, I decided to study in the Eternal City, where I completed my degree in International Relations.

In these years I learnt to deeply know and appreciate this city, and I’ve founded Roma Slow Tour to transmit my love and knowledge about Rome to other people. As a tour guide, I organize slow tours that bring travelers off the beaten path and closer to the locals, offering a different and authentic way to visit Rome.

I can say my great passion is cycling: riding gives me a big sense of freedom, and traveling on bike gives an ample opportunity to be alone and to think, and at the same time to enjoy the journey, not the destination. Every summer I leave with my boyfriend Andrea and we ride up and down on mountains, along rivers, through wonderful landscapes.

I’ve always loved hosting friends and taking the best care of them, so I’ve decided to open my apartment to the world, offering an innovative kind of hospitality. I provide a warm and friendly welcome and I'm available to help my guests during during their stay, while also maintaining the utmost respect for their privacy. I love to welcome guests with the same warmth and desire to offer them precious ideas to venture in the discovery of Rome.